Sexual harassment by men

Other Names:
Male sexual exhibitionism
Sexual provocation by men

During infancy, the sexual instinct consists of several component impulses, one of which is exhibitionism. This impulse, manifested early in the form of genital exhibitionism, is later subject to modification. It may be progressively displaced from the genital zone to the whole body, to the oral zone (the pleasure of speaking), to clothes (a typically feminine form of exhibitionism), to dramatics, to the possession of material assets, etc; but more specifically, exposure of the genitalia may be used to give sexual pleasure. Usually the mere showing of the genitals is often not sufficient, and an emotional reaction of disgust or horror is sought from the person to whom the exposure is made. Ejaculation may occur at or after exposure, or the man may masturbate; this type exhibitionism usually occurring in males. Exhibitionism can be seen in the love dances of many animals, including apes, and in the sexual dances of primitive tribes. In developed society it has been suggested that it is more common among men who live in a female dominated situation, as exhibitionism is then a means of proving virility.

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Sexual harassment
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