Disharmonies of the meridians of the body

Experimental visualization of narrower problems

In Chinese medicine the Meridians are the pathways for the movement of Qi and Blood, ensuring nourishment of the body. They also link up every part of the body and so create an organic integrity.

Disharmonies in an Organ may manifest themselves in the corresponding Meridians. A disorder in the Stomach Meridian, for example, may cause upper toothache because the Meridian passes through the upper gums; toothache in the lower jaw may be the result of a disorder of the Large Intestine Meridian. Acupuncture is the main method of rebalancing Qi and blood flow through the Meridians: reducing what is excessive, increasing what is deficient, warming what is Cold, cooling what is hot, circulating what is stagnant, moving what is congealed, stabilizing what is reckless, raising what is falling and lowering what is rising.

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Disharmonies of the body
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