Marginalization of countries through globalization


Globalization is throwing up new threats and opportunities in the countries at the periphery of central capitalism. The threat of falling into a situation of exclusion and opportunities to establish new ways of integrating with the globalized economic system.


The countries at intermediate levels of development, especially, are seeing the possibility of integrating into worldwide networks of production and world trade. Analysts say that these possibilities for integration of countries in the diverse peripheral areas of the world depend on a variety of factors, the chief of which are: (a) their previous level of development; (b) whether they have "educated" and skilled workers for modern industrial activities; (c) the political ability of the State and government leaders to maintain acceptable levels of stability, order and long-term investment prospects. It would depend on these factors whether the integration of these countries into the global economy became integration into an advantageous or "virtuous globalization" or a kind of "perverse globalization".

Integration into a process of virtuous globalization would make it possible to use the necessary processes of industrial, productive and financial delocation and a multipolar system of trade with advantages for the peripheral countries. This trend is being seen in almost all continents although it is still not possible to determine with certainty, as there are some countries that have attracted multinational capital with virtuous arguments and many others, at times the majority, that have attracted it with perverse arguments: the cheapness of labour, deregulation of labour markets and absence of environmental regulation.

For the countries of the third world, decisions are relatively clear regarding the way in which they can try to integrate themselves into the main perspectives of world capitalism in the next twenty years.

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