Intimidating practice of scientology

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Fair game law of scientology

Lawyers of the Church of Scientology threatened the The Wayback Machine (aka, The Internet Archive) with legal action (via a "cease and desist letter") that resulted in the removal from access of entire domains of its archive. A previous action by Scientology on freedom of expression attempted to force the Google search engine to block webpages with allegedly copyrighted materials. Scientology wrote in its cease and desist letter: This particular web site owner has placed our clients' copyrighted works and federally registered trademarks on his web page without the authorization of our clients. According, his actions are in violation of United States copyright law and I request Google either remove or disable access to the web site, "". According to the website (provided by a consortium of law schools) , the the homepage of does not contain any copyright violations.

Exposing cults
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