Evil enchantment

Enchantment or fascination is to charm or bewitch by use of the eyes or looks: to put and keep in thraldom by charms or by power of pleasing. Enchanted people are no longer free to make their own choices, nor understand what is going on around them, and are often reduced to extreme emaciation and perish by a wasting disease. They lose their colour, have melancholy eyes either overflowing with tears or unnaturally dry, frequently sign, are low in spirit, and have bad dreams. Many animals are reported to be able to enchant. Wolves, if they see a person first, can deprive him of speech. Generally it is wicked people who are the most dangerous. The more wicked the more adept at exercising fascination. In 1653 a woman is reported to be able to bring down a falcon from the highest of flight by staring at it; a man was able to break mirrors by looking at them and another man killed his own and other folks' children by watching them. Those most susceptible to enchantment are those who are immoderately praised, especially without their knowledge; those who have a fair complexion, face or figure, particularly children; children in unwashed baby linen; a fair person who employees two maids to dress their hair; those who lie in bed very late, especially wearing a night cap; and those who breakfast on cheese or peas. All children who have been weaned and are brought back to the breast will be gifted with the power of fascination.
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