Superficial injury

Other Names:
Skin abrasions and cuts

Superficial injuries affect mainly the skin and include nonvenomous insect bites.


A yearlong study from Great Britain found an individual has at least one cut, ache, sprain or other minor ailment at any time; and if is not present, something will likely happen in the next three days. In a single year, the average Briton was found to cut themselves at least twice while shaving, get one electric shock and three paper cuts, among other minor mishaps. The data suggested each citizen would suffer 9,672 ailments over the course of a 78-year life span.

In some instances, especially in the elderly, these cuts and abrasions may result in chronic, nonhealing wounds. Seniors risk acquiring nonhealing wounds cost untold billions annually.  An additional burden of wound healing is the problem of scarring, accounting in the USA for $12 billion in annual costs.

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