Threatened species of Talpidae

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Other Names:
Threatened species of Desmans
Threatened species of Moles
Threatened species of Shrew moles
Endangered species of moles and desmans

Habitat degradation is the principle cause of threat to Talipidae.


This family includes 3 sub-families; Desmaninae, Talpinae and Uropsilinae; 17 genera and 42 species, which occur widely throughout the Old and New Worlds. In Eurasia 12 genera (35 species) are represented, with 2 "Critically Endangered", 4 "Endangered", 3 "Vulnerable" and 1 "Lower Risk" sub-category "near threatened". The remaining members of the family range from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

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GOAL 15: Life on Land
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G: Very specific problems
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