Cholera El Tor

Other Names:
Seventh cholera pandemic

In mid-April 1991, WHO received reports of over 177,000 new cases of El Tor cholera in 12 countries, the latest in the outbreaks of the 30-year old "El Tor" pandemic of the disease. Of these countries, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, accounted for 78% of the total number of cases and for over 1,200 deaths. This is the first time in this century that cholera has been reported from Latin America. In Peru alone, it is estimated that some $60 million would need to be spent immediately to meet the most immediate demands of rehabilitation and reconstruction. Later in 1991, WHO reported that El Tor cholera was sweeping through Africa at a "catastrophic" pace in some countries, and was killing people at a much higher rate than seen during the peak of outbreak in Latin America.

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