Complicity of journalists in suppression of information


In order to obtain access to valuable sources of information journalists may be effectively required to agree not to report information unfavourable to the source, or of which the source does not approve.



Media management of large international events organized by institutions may require accreditation of journalists. Such accreditation may only be granted on condition that reporting is not unduly critical. Failure to respect such conditions, which may be unwritten, can ensure that the journalist is not accorded accreditation on the next occasion. The journalist, or the newspaper represented, may be effectively blacklisted. The journalist is therefore effectively blackmailed into suppression of information. Journalists must therefore compromise in maintaining a relationship with institutions such as the United Nations and its conferences, the European Commission, the annual World Economic Forum, or their national equivalents.

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Journalistic irresponsibility
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
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G: Very specific problems
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