Underprivileged minorities

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Dependence on underprivileged minorities

Minorities which are exploited or discriminated against by a dominant group include racial, religious, linguistic and ideological minorities, and vulnerable groups in the social strata, such as women, children, the aged, the disabled, the mentally retarded or deranged, the physically handicapped, and the socially handicapped (in the sense of deprivation in family upbringing, education, nutrition, or housing). Such minorities are usually inadequately protected under the law and may be outcasts in society.


Ethnic and cultural minorities existing outside the mainstream of activity and development are found in rich and poor countries alike. Relative poverty, malnutrition, high levels of mortality, ill health, limited educational opportunity, inadequate housing and inferior legal, social and cultural status characterize these groups. International minorities and vulnerable small states may also be exploited and inadequately protected.

Cultural deprivation
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GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
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