Disparities among developing countries


The differences in levels of development among developing countries are often greater than among developed countries - the difference between two developing countries may even be greater than that between a developing and a developed country. This implies that, when trade barriers are to be reduced between developing countries at different levels of development, special measures must be called for if the benefits arising from a particular scheme are to be shared equitably. The most effective among these have financial implications. Yet in the developing part of the world, the more advanced countries also suffer from capital shortage and often possess, within their own borders, areas of particular poverty or backwardness; for such countries it is politically very difficult to assume the necessary responsibilities, especially with respect to what appears to involve financial transfers towards other countries that are relatively less advanced. Obstacles to the use of barter still remain between some developing countries, although this might facilitate trade, increase development and reduce disparities.

Societal Problems Imbalances
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GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
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