Inadequate grass-roots initiative

Other Names:
Nonexistent community development groups
Inadequate local initiative
Lack of conscious initiatives
Unproductive grass-roots planning

Small, grass-roots movements, which are often unpopular at their inception, play a vital role in society. They provide a critical opposition to established ideas. They encourage free speech. A lively process of community self-government depends on a series of ad hoc political and service groups, functioning freely, each with a proper chance to test its ideas before the townspeople. But such movements need a place to manifest themselves in a way which puts their ideas directly into the public domain. As a rule these groups are small and have very little money; and communities on the whole do not provide them with space to voice and propagate their ideas or to hold meetings.

Related Problems:
Political apathy
Problem Type:
F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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11.10.2017 – 16:31 CEST