Undue attachment to territory

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The great majority of the EEC/EU population see themselves as "very" or "fairly" attached to their region (87 %), their town or their village (85 %) -- almost as many as those who feel attached to their country (88 %). Among those who feel "very attached", the region comes first (55 %), with town or village coming second (54 %) and country third (53 %). Regional attachment within the EC is most marked in the three southernmost countries: Greece (97 %), Portugal (94 %), and Spain (93 %)/ These are also the countries where people are most attached to the town or village (94 % for Portugal, 93 % for Spain and Greece). Attachment to the country is strongest among the Danes (98 %), Greeks (97 %), Irish (95 %) and Portuguese (94 %). Those seeing themselves as "quite" or "very" attached to Europe as a whole scores highest in Denmark (61 %), Italy (59 %), Spain and Greece (52 %) and France (50%). Whatever the degree of attachment, it increases with age and media consumption. There is little variation according to gender or political opinions.
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
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