Sexual deviation

Experimental visualization of narrower problems
Other Names:
Sexual abnormality
Sexual perversion
Infringement of sexual taboos
Abuse of sex
Disorders of sexual preference
Deviant sex
Non-coital intercourse
Unnatural sexual acts

Sexual perversions depart from the normal in the following respects: disregard for the barriers between species (man and animals); insensitivity to barriers imposed by disgust (faeces, urine, etc); transgression of the incest barrier (prohibition of sexual gratification with close blood relatives); homosexuality; and transference of the part played by the sexual organs to other organs and different parts of the body. Deviant sexual behaviour patterns may involve or result in sexual violence and may cause marriage breakdown or impotence. They encourage prostitution and may lead to crime and can result in disease, injury, death and murder.


Sexual deviations include incest, male homosexuality, lesbianism, trans-sexualism, sadism, masochism, sodomy, bestiality, voyeurism, sexual exhibitionism, paedophilia, necrophilia and masturbation; they may be manifested in pornography or in obscenities and violence.

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