Other Names:
Incarnate devil
Eschatological enemy
A god-opposing tyrant and ruler, the final opponent of good, believed to emerge in the final days of civilization. The Antichrist is held to be the supreme religious deception offering people an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. This pseudo-messianism involves the glorification of man in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh. A modified belief holds that the Antichrist is a seductive agency who works by signs and wonders and seeks to obtain divine worship.
Belief in the threat of the Antichrist continues to be sustained within certain Protestant churches and popular culture, although for many it has become a symbol of the evil in the human heart. Historical figures such as Napoleon and Hitler, as well as social movements such as socialism and communism, continue to be identified as the Antichrist or his manifestation.

The European Parliament is the seat of the Antichrist, says the Member of the European Parliament, Ian Paisely. His claim is premised on the striking similarlies between the parliament's imagery and icons and those of 'the infidel'. He claims that the sign which the EU chose as its symbol was 'the woman riding the beast'. The MEP also says that the tower of Babel has been used on posters emanating from Europe. He describes this as 'a truly prophetic sign'. But the most significant satanic portent is contained in the seat numbers allocated to the 679 Euro MPs. One seat remains unallocated. The number of the seat is 666. Paisely concludes by saying that the seat will be occupied according to prophecy.

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