Other Names:
Sexual promiscuity
Unlimited sex
Casual sex

The term promiscuity usually refers to indiscriminate, casual sexual encounters or a high frequency of sexual relationships with a large number of partners, such as is found in nymphomania, satyriasis, so called "Don Juans", and many homosexuals.


According to surveys, British women are the least promiscuous travellers in Europe, with 3% admitting to having sex with local people while abroad, as opposed to 12% of British men. 20% of Swiss and Austrian men and women admit to affairs while travelling.


Promiscuity has come to include the careless attitude to sexual relations engendered in a society which allows even adolescents the knowledge and the opportunity to engage in sexual experimentation without the moral discipline or the understanding to control their emotions. It involves casual and exploitive sexual relations, limited communication and irresponsible parenthood.


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