Defamation of character

Other Names:
Denial of right to freedom from attacks on personal honour and reputation
Character assassination

Injuring of a person's good name and reputation may take the form of libel or slander; and may be accomplished with malice or be unintentional. In either case, particularly in the instance of libel, which is a criminal offence, it may give rise to prosecution, the penalties for which may be imprisonment, fine, or the award of damages. Defamation of character may be used extensively in propaganda, which on an international level may go unchecked by the law. It may be used to a certain extent in domestic political power struggles and also in business or other power struggles. Defamation of character may be so phrased that it is no longer a clear-cut crime under the law and may be too difficult and costly to prove. If the harmful comments come near to the truth or other misconduct might be unearthed in the course of court proceedings, the victim may not wish to try to obtain full satisfaction and may be subsequently blackmailed.

Broader Problems:
Infringement of privacy
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GOAL 1: No Poverty
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