Harassment of human rights monitors

Other Names:
Harassment of whistle-blowers
Suppression of informers
Whistle-blowers, people who reveal secrets their employers, the government or other powerful interests would rather keep hidden, usually find their reward is no thanks, the sack, a ruined life, or even loss of life.
In one study of 233 whistle-blowers in the USA found that: 90% of them lost their jobs or were demoted, 27% face lawsuits, 26% faced psychiatric or medical referral, 25% admitted alcohol abuse, 17% lost their homes, 15% were subsequently divorced, 10% attempted suicide, and 8% went bankrupt. Nearly two thirds of them failed, after five years, to be vindicated for their disclosure. In the UK, a charity was established in 1994 to support whistleblowers of malpractices at work. Prior to getting support, fourteen claimed they had been sacked for voicing concern, three said they had been forced to resign and another eight said they had been demoted, given bad appraisals and victimized in other ways.
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