Dependence on breast feeding

Other Names:
Breastfeeding as female servitude
Social stigma of breast-feeding

In the last decade, breastfeeding has regained its lost popularity and is making a striking comeback in the Western world. Difficulties arise due to the fact that the comeback is concurrent with women's liberation from the household and embarking upon career; breastfeeding serves to hinder a woman's total emancipation for she is the only person capable of performing this task.


Jean-Jacques Rousseau stimulated a similar fad for breastfeeding during the 1800's, as one aspect of his popularization of the 'uncivilized natural man'. Even French aristocrats who had always used wetnurses responded to his portrayal of primitive satisfactions and the pleasant warmth of mothers' milk.


In the Western world, it is well-educated mothers who are returning to this age-old tradition. A 1980 USA survey showed that 70% of graduate mothers breastfed their children, as opposed to only 25% of mothers with nine or fewer years of schooling.

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