Communications stress

Other Names:
Stress due to overabundance of communications technology
Unrealistic expectations of personal availability
Excessive amount of personal communication media

A survey of 1000 workers in the USA revealed that they each receive an average of 178 email messages a day, most of which they did not consider relevant. A similar survey in the UK stated that workers claimed to spend an hour a day responding to emails which they did not consider important.

Reduced By:
Stress addiction
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-beingGOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureGOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Problem Type:
E: Emanations of other problems
Date of last update
04.10.2020 – 22:48 CEST