News censorship


Censorship of current information put out on different media (newspapers, journals, radio, television, film) may imply control of what news items are included as well as the manner in which they are presented. Local news agencies may be directly censored, closed or subject self-censorship. Foreign correspondents' stories may be reviewed before being dispatched, credentials removed or journalists expelled. News can be controlled by providing selective access to news sources, like battle fields during war or guided tours of national projects. News emissions are an important vehicle for propaganda. In a country with heavy censorship, little foreign news may be given, and items tend to concentrate on national success stories rather than bad news. It is especially heavy in wartime. News censorship may lead to ignorance and apathy (particularly concerning political matters) and serve to strengthen government control or dictatorship.

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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
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D: Detailed problems
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