Loneliness in single people

Other Names:
Lonely hearts
Lack of life partner

The causes of loneliness are multifaceted and complex. Living alone is clearly a factor.  Older private renters are at high risk of loneliness and anxiety.  Low-income individuals are more likely to experience loneliness. So, too, are people who have a serious mental or physical health condition or have had a serious disruptive event (financial or job loss, illness or injury, or relationship breakdown) in their past.



In 1990, five million Britons lived alone. Single people are estimated to comprise thirty percent of households by the year 2000. The next two decades are expected to see a rise in the number of bachelors by 10%, and in the number of single women by 12.3%.

Broader Problems:
Loneliness in adults
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GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
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