Radical feminism

Other Names:
Women's liberation
Gender politics

Feminism implies a radical ideology in favour of liberation of women from traditional role-playing. As a movement encompassing a wide range of views of varying degrees of militancy, it may tend to lack cohesiveness and may be extremist in certain tactics and, by denigrating the virtues traditionally held to be worthy of respect in women, may reduce rather than increase internal self-worth of those whose liberation it is attempting to assist. It may increase family breakdown and child-neglect, make conflict rather than cooperation the norm in situations involving members of both sexes, and possibly lead to discrimination against men. Women in developing countries are sceptical of ways in which the feminist agenda has been "mainstreamed" and thereby neutralized.


Feminist groups of women strive to rid themselves of whatever it is that creates an oppressive environment for them – a task they have not the slightest opportunity of achieving as groups of women outside the men, children and institutions who maintain the oppression.

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