Conflicting roles of women

Other Names:
Dual roles of women

Girl students and women who have a job outside the home are overwhelmed with the twofold burden of work. Girls who are able to attend school often find the burden of family duties consumes much of their time and energy, so that it is difficult if not impossible to complete even their primary schooling; and a women who must be, or chooses to be, economically active outside the home will in effect perform two jobs: her paid employment and keeping the home. Although in the industrialized countries the amount of housework has decreased, it still constitutes a heavy burden, especially for women who go out to work.


In the former Soviet Union, where female labour represents one-half of the total labour force, seven women out of ten spend more than two hours a day on housework, whereas only three men in ten do this. In Japan the working day of a couple engaged in agricultural occupations is made up as follows: work, 10 hours 46 minutes in the case of the man and 9 hours in the case of the woman; housework, 11 minutes in the case of the man and 4 hours 11 minutes in the case of the woman. In France where the average working week is 45 hours for men and women, a woman engaged in an occupational activity actually works 73 hours a week if she has no children, and 83 hours if she has one or two children.

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