Threatened species of Insectivora

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Other Names:
Endangered species of insectivores
Insectivorous mammals under threat of extinction

The Order of insectivora includes moles, tree shrews and hedgehogs. Common throughout the temperate and tropical zones, a number of species—notably the Cuban solenodon and the Haitian solenodon—are endangered, primarily due to land development and deforestation caused by a rapidly expanding human population.

The lack of data on species is a major concern as it impedes any conservation or remedial action.

In western Europe the removal of hedgerows, an expanding road network, increasing use of fertilizer and pesticides and the drainage of wetlands is having a significant impact on the number and distribution of many species. Pollution of fresh water systems and the construction of hydro-electric dams and canals play havoc on aquatic species such asthe desmans and water shrews.

In south east Asia human encroachment into tropical forests and wetland drainage is destroying prime habitat, leading to habitat fragmentation and the isolation of small, vulnerable populations.


According to the IUCN categories 13 species are listed as "Critically Endangered", 30 species as "Endangered", 22 species as "Vulnerable", 3 species as "Lower Risk" subcategory "near threatened" and 6 species as "Data Deficient".

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GOAL 15: Life on Land
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