Other Names:
Cult of sacred scriptures
Biblical fundamentalism

Excessive veneration of a book believed to be divinely inspired. This may be more generally understood to include those major books which are the basis of either religions or, by extension (but to a lesser degree), of major ideologies. In the case of religions, the sacred writings are the plenary depository of the divine spirit and as such are of eternal duration and of superhuman origin. The book may be held to transcend all created things and possesses the quality of absolute infallibility being the perfect channel of divine revelation. Within the religion such a book proscribes all criticism and ranks as the one all-sufficient standard of appeal in questions of belief. Absolute submission to this sacred book is the obligation of the bibliolatrist. Outside it their exists no final tribunal in matters of faith.


Common within religions based on a single sacred book, otherwise known as 'book-religions'. These include Brahmanism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zorastrianism. Whilst veneration for their sacred books may not be a required article of faith, it may become so in the practice of some of the faithful. Similar veneration may be seen for certain ideological writings such as those of Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung.

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