Satanic rituals

Other Names:
Ritualistic sexual abuse
Witches' sabbaths
Witchcraft ceremonies

Satanic ritual may refer to:

In the UK in 1990 concern was expressed at the increase in reports of the sexual abuse use of children, even by their parents, in witchcraft ceremonies. Those so abused, whether children or adults, may be drugged. Animal sacrifices may be made, although there are occasional reports of human sacrifice, which have linked to the numbers of missing children. Those drawn into such satanic rings may be obliged to function as recruiters, bringing in others in exchange for money or favours. The perpetrators prey on the minds of teenagers, especially those craving power and control, or those lacking self-esteem. Participants may be subject to disinformation concerning the other participants so that their evidence is easily discredited, especially since as a result of such abuse they develop a grossly distorted understanding of sexuality.
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