Unreported rape

Other Names:
Unreported rape attempts

Given that in most countries rape victims are viewed as instigators, given that most rapes are committed by family members or friends, given that most societies view female rape victims as unclean; given the mental anguish that results from recounting the incident in a public courtroom; and given the fact that only a small percentage or rapists are apprehended and incarcerated, the majority of rape victims do not report the crime.


Surveys in the UK indicate that only one in 12 women who are raped report the offence to the police. This is partly due to the fact that of those cases reported, less than half are prosecuted through the courts, and only 23% of these result in convictions. Women are further deterred from reporting rape when the attacker is a policeman or a person in authority who will be able to ensure that the charge is not investigated impartially.

Drug-assisted rape
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