Weekend stress

Other Names:
Weekend angst
Roll-over stress
Weekend stress is created by increasing working hours and decreasing disposable free time. In part, it is a reservoir of stress, called roll-over stress, built up during the week, and in part the weekend itself is a source of stress. Leisure time is organized with the severity of weekday work, partly in order to cope with the chores that did not get done through the week, and partly in response to social pressure to use every moment of free time in aggressive socializing or in educational and cultural improvement. Urban environments and over-loaded schedules leave little space for dissipating the resulting tension. Weekend stress can give rise to the same range of physical symptoms as mental stress caused in any other way. The most popular time of the week for suicide is, in fact, the weekend.
Broader Problems:
Stress in human beings
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
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