Sexual manipulation of domestic animals and plants

Other Names:
Sexual deprivation of captive animals
Human interference in natural reproductive behaviour of animals and plants
Selective removal of dominant animals from breeding stock

Domestic animals are rarely free to mate when and with whom they wish. Female mammals with pedigrees to be considered are usually isolated when "on heat" to avoid casual mating, and taken to a chosen male for "servicing" when she is required to be fertilized. Genetic control is also used to breed varieties of dogs with deformities which are considered desirable, such as "weak-hipped" cocker spaniels, or "monster" plants, as with cauliflowers.

Sexual segregation is often imposed on domestic herd animals, which are then only able to reproduce when the time is deemed suitable by the farmer. Males may be deprived of their sexuality altogether by castration at an early age. This makes them more docile and unable to inseminate in favour of the chosen stud male. Zoo and circus animals usually are also not allowed to mate freely.

Reproduction of cultivated plants is heavily manipulated. Many tropical house plants are unable to come to sexual maturity in the artificial environments provided to them. Other plants are not allowed conditions where they can freely cross-pollinate, or to have the opportunity to produce fertile seed in environments favourable to its survival.

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