Misuse of evolutionary theories

Other Names:
Fictitious tenets of evolution
Misleading presentations of the theory of evolution

The theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest can be used to justify existing inequalities and injustices and may give weight to racism, elitism, domination and exploitation. Darwin's theory only concerned biological evolution; social Darwinism developed afterwards and was short-lived – but the heritage of these two aspects of the theory is paralleled in modern genetic arguments explaining inequalities and the naturally superior nature of some races (such as greater development and achievement in one society or social group as opposed to another).


The concept of creation in itself does not imply opposition to that of evolution, if that means only a gradual process whereby one kind of living creature changes into something else. A Creator might have employed such a process as a means of creation. 'Evolution' only contradicts 'creation' only when it is explicitly or tacitly defined as fully naturalistic evolution, meaning evolution that is not directed by any purposeful intelligence. 'Creationists', who believe that God created the earth, should not be confused with 'creation-scientists' who hold to a literal six-day creation despite abundant contrary evidence. The rules of argument surrounding these controversial issues are however structured to make it virtually impossible to question whether what is stated about evolution is true or not. Most adherents of evolution disagree amongst themselves about virtually every important part of Darwin's theory, although they close ranks against outsiders suggesting that there may be a God involved in the process.


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Social evolutionism
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F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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