Unbridled competition among states

Experimental visualization of narrower problems
Other Names:
National rivalry
Rivalry between nations
International rivalry

The forces of competition between states, backed by military power, achieve unequal allocations of territory, influence, raw materials, or prestige goods. The fulfilment of national destiny is therefore dependent on the frustration of the goals of rival governments.


Overemphasis on competition between states inevitably leads to a rat race and to global economic wars. It exacerbates the inability of national authorities to address the right priorities at national and global level. Market competition alone is self-defeating in a context of competing nations or competing blocs, leading as it does to a counter-intuitive evolution against market mechanisms through: new forms of protectionism and defensive national policies; techno-nationalism through restriction of the movement of knowledge; and bilateralism as a means to exclude competitors from a market.


Broader Problems:
Unbridled competition
Problem Type:
C: Cross-sectoral problems
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GOAL 10: Reduced InequalityGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
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