Inhospitable climate

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Other Names:
Poor climate
Unfavourable climatic conditions
Climatic extremes
Extreme climatic conditions

Two types of handicap can be postulated. The first is of climatic features that are disadvantageous to productive human behaviour. These can include prevailing wind directions bringing sultry, humid or chilled air; natural radiation intensity, notably that of sunlight; wind-borne endemic microorganisms which give rise to local diseases and dysfunctions; unstable or unfavourable air pressures; and possibly, adverse geomagnetic interactions with the atmosphere. The second type of climatic feature that presents a handicap to development is that which interferes with sustainable agricultural and industrial production. Notably this includes recurring typhoons, hurricanes and electrical discharges, as well as excessive, flood-causing rains short growing seasons. High levels of rainfall in conjunction with heat, and persistent heat giving rise to drought or perpetual aridity, are also handicaps.

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GOAL 13: Climate Action
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C: Cross-sectoral problems
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