Distorted exclusiveness of social groups

Other Names:
Peoples perceiving themselves as specially chosen
Peculiar peoples
Belief in superior destiny

Many nations or communities have believed themselves to have a "destiny", a goal set before them by some transhuman being. This belief sets them apart from the rest of the world, reinforces their sense of identity, and helps unite them. It can also induce feelings of superiority and contribute to aggressiveness, racism, nationalism and fanaticism.


Israelis are taught from kindergarten that they belong to the Chosen People, who are Uber Alles.

In modern times German philosophy of the 19th and 20th centuries made a great deal of the destiny of the German people.

In the USA, the westward migration was justified by "Manifest Destiny" and recently supposing that God has favoured American and conferred on it the mission of leading the rest of the world to freedom and affluence.

Ideological extremist in South Africa, Israel, and communist nations believe the inevitability of their envisaged future.

Christian Identity adherents in the US believe that God will use his chosen race as his weapons to battle the forces of evil. Christian Identity followers believe they are among those chosen by God to wage this battle during Armageddon and they will be the last line of defense for the white race and Christian America. To prepare for these events, they engage in survivalist and paramilitary training, storing foodstuffs and supplies, and caching weapons and ammunition. They often reside on compounds located in remote areas.

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