Inadequate family planning education

Other Names:
Lack of family-planning education
Inadequate family planning research

Family planning education may be inadequate insofar as it provides too little information or in that it is ill-suited to the needs of those who are being educated. The aspect of general health care may be underemphasized. Some social groups may be discriminated against, particularly the young and unmarried and certain racial and religious groups, or information may simply be less available for the less well-off, of for those in rural and inaccessible areas.


Some failures in family planning education policies and strategies are: the exclusion of natural methods of family planning; inadequate research in the psycho-social area; inability of policies to adequately respond to needs for a safe, reliable method; lack of coordination among family planning providers; and failure to target information to potential target groups in a meaningful or comprehensible way.

Birth prevention
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-beingGOAL 5: Gender Equality
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D: Detailed problems
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