Long-term hazards of exposure to chemicals

Other Names:
Hazards of low-level exposure to chemicals
Health hazards of long-term, low-level exposure to toxic mixtures of non-toxic chemicals

Most tests of chemical products, especially drugs and foodstuffs, are based on short-term effects, especially the LD-50 test which determines the amount of a substance fed to a test group of animals which will cause 50% of them to die within a given length of time (usually measured in days or weeks). Such short-term data is then used to set legal standards covering long-term exposure to lower levels of the chemical.


Of the 80,000 pesticides and other chemicals in use today, 10 percent are recognized as carcinogens. Cancer-related deaths in the USA increased from 331,000 in 1970 to 521,000 in 1992, with as estimated 30,000 deaths attributed to chemical exposure.

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