Inhuman conception by homosexual parents

Other Names:
Unnatural methods of conception by gay people
Unnatural do-it-yourself lesbian pregnancy
Lack of legal status for homosexual co-parenting

Homosexuals who wish to have a child must have recourse to someone other than their regular sexual partner in order to conceive a child. Lesbian couples frequently resort to in vivo artificial insemination with the sperm from a male friend donor, or from the sperm bank of a fertility clinic.

Not all fertility clinics will assist homosexual couples to have children; there are concerns that role models of both sexes are not present in the home for the child, that there will be less parental input from the non-biological parent, and that the child will be unhappy at school because his peers will taunt him about his non-standard family.


In 1990 a British court ruled that no group of women could be excluded from assistance in reproduction. Private donor arrangements are not legally recognized, so the non-biological co-parent has no legal rights to the child.


Lesbian couples have had children in the USA, the Netherlands and the UK. It is estimated that there might be a few hundred couples in the UK.

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