Ecofascism is a pejorative term used by opponents of the environmental movement to accuse environmental activists of totalitarianism; in the United Kingdom, it has also been used to refer to far-right efforts to gain influence within the Green Party. Some writers have used it to refer to the hypothetical danger of future dystopian governments, which might resort to extreme or "fascist" policies to deal with environmental issues. Other writers have used it to refer to segments of historical fascist movements that focused on environmental issues.

Neither democracy nor the market economy will have the credibility to survive an environmental breakdown. The most likely short-term reaction will be eco-fascism -- an attempt by well-off minorities to protect their privileged access to environmental resources. This will not work, as there is no way of completely excluding the poor from access to the global environment. An "eco-Stalinist" revolution is likely to follow introducing a dictatorship with strict rationing of resources.
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