Experimental visualization of narrower problems
Other Names:
Irrational rationality

This philosophical attitude believes that instincts, feelings and will are superior existential dimensions to reason. It implies that the world is devoid of meaning, that the reason is not capable of knowing the universe, that objective standards are ineffectual and that man is irrational by nature. Such a life posture, if taken to the extreme, can lead to spiritual void, contempt for established order and free living or, otherwise, to gullibility and narcissism.


Underlying many conflicts are irrational psychological currents. These add a powerful emotional charge to an otherwise minor problem or disagreement. These may include issues of jealousy, rivalry, attachment to past hurt.

Broader Problems:
Lack of control
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Innovative change Logic
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
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F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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