Human Development

Tantra receptivity-application awareness

This state of awareness is represented as the third of four initiations for the Tantric yogi in which the Clear Light arises in the co-emergent (saha-ja) bliss of the wisdom-understanding union (prajna-jnana) of the yogi and yogini (the wisdom-lady). This initiation instruction reveals that the white element that contributes to the formation of bodhicitta is not coarse emitted semen, but the vital breath or vital current (prana) in the middle vein (shushumna) which is visualized as being drawn from the head centre (cakra) and forced to descend to the perineal-centre where it is visualized as encountering the vital liquid or the red element. The external organ proximate to the perineal centre is symbolized as the thunderbolt-jewel in the one sex, and as the lotus in the other. The "jewel-in-the-lotus" is prajna-jnana, yab-yum and other termed unions which produce the future body of a new Buddha. This initiation also indicates the sham of uninitiates in esoteric Tantra who abuse its apparently erotic content.
In Tibetan Sakya Buddhism this is one of the states in the "Ascension Stages Game". In some sets it is numbered 57 on the board.<