integrative concepts


Other Names:
The variety of general relationships between categories is illustrated by the following groups: 1. Appurtenance: inclusion, implication; parts, organs; components, constituents; properties, attributes; aptitudes, predispositions.
2. Process: favourable action (on subject), action favourably affected (by object); unfavourable action (delay, inhibition, destruction); favourable interaction (symbiosis); unfavourable interaction (antagonism, competition); operation, means used (process, product, result).
3. Dependence: causing (subject), caused (effect); originating (subject), arising from (object); conditioning (subject), conditioned (object); interdependence by correlation; interdependence by association; interdependence by combination, synthesis.
4. Orientation: aspect, particular case; application; use.
5. Comparison: resemblance, similarity by analogy; resemblance, similarity by equality or identity; dissimilarity by difference; dissimilarity by opposition.